November 2, 2015


Meet Meredith | What I learned after I got married

What I learned from marriage and how I had now I idea how to cookWhen I got married, I married my best friend!  We were lucky enough to spend time together as friends for many years before dating again for the second time (that is a whole different blog post) and getting married in the town we met in.  What I didn’t realize until we were a few months into married life was that I couldn’t cook!  I could bake a darn good pie and homemade cookies were easy but when it came to dinner, I was a one dish and done kinda gal.  My poor husband quietly ate what I cooked but after a few months of burnt dinner or the same pasta dish over and over . . he very sweetly brought up the issue.  How I learned to cook after being married and how it build a stronger marriage for us.

For the next few months we fell into this awesome rhythm of cooking together in the evening and it is still one of our favorite things to do but then . . the floor fell out from under us.  My cooking partner, my husband, my best friend had to leave.  I spent the next 15 months of my newly married life with him gone on deployment.  I learned a lot during that time and we both grew in ways that I think have helped to solidify and strengthen our now nine year marriage.  One of the biggest things I knew that I had to learn while he was gone, was how to cook.  I was determined that by the time he came home, he would never have to eat burnt anything again.  Having that goal and a strong, connected community around me was what got me through the first year of married life alone.

So what does this have to do with wedding photography, brides, or marriage?  I believe that wedding photographs are the thing that you turn to when times are tough.  They are the tangible reminder of that blissful day when you were full of love, hope, and laughter.  They were what I clung to when he was half way around the world and I was missing him.   I believe that being a bride is easy and that marriage while full of love, hope, and laughter can sometimes be tough.  I don’t believe that my relationships with my brides end once they are married.  I believe in building a community of past, present, and future brides who believe just as strongly in community and marriage. Because of that, on Fridays, I will be doing a series on simple recipes, cookbooks we love, and tips on how to feed that new husband of yours.  Check back this Friday to see some of my favorite cookbooks.

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