January 4, 2018

Why Have an Engagement Session

Heirloom engagement ringEngagement Sessions . .

One of the questions our brides ask is . . should we have an engagement session.  Picture this, it’s your wedding day. The flowers are great, the dress fits fantastic, and your venue is stunning.  All seems right with the world until out of no where, a complete stranger walks up to you and your first thought is “ Who in the world is this person?”.

You soon find out this is your photographer whom you have never met. You say hello, exchange pleasantries, and your photographer runs off to start photographing your wedding day. Then you have this pit in your stomach feeling all of a sudden as you realize

“ I have no idea who my photographer is and they are taking some of the most important pictures I will ever have.”

We wish this story was uncommon but unfortunately it is not. We hear this same story from countless people who have had experiences like this on their wedding day. This whole scenario is one of the easiest things to prevent on your special day. It is solved with two words: Engagement Session.

They aren’t JUST a Formality

Engagement Sessions used to be a huge formality in the wedding world. All brides had to get it for their wedding save the dates and announcements. It was frowned upon if this did not happen. Now, with the advancements in technology and the internet, engagement sessions have become less of a formality. But, this does not mean that engagement sessions are any less important. In fact, we HIGHLY encourage all of our clients to get engagement photos because:

1. It builds a relationship with your photographer. A relationship is fundamental to our process and helps us to get to know our brides and what is important to them.

2. Practice for the big day. The session will allow us to work together and practice common poses that will be used during the day. This practice session, allows us to flow through pictures faster and get more great shots during your wedding day.

3. Confidence in front of the camera. One of biggest things our brides say is that they are not comfortable in front of the camera. Having an engagement session will boost that confidence and allow great pictures on your wedding day.

Engagement sessions are a great way to celebrate the journey you have undergone to becoming a married couple. Ensure you make time for it and please stay tuned for next weeks blog post.

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  1. Jason says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Grace and I loved our engagement session with you ❤️

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