December 5, 2017

Mt. Laurel Engagement in the Fall

Fall Engagement Session Couple Kissing

Mt. Laurel Engagement

I have been dreaming of a Mt. Laurel engagement session for awhile.  This darling town is one of my favorites that I have happened upon.  Will and Alayna drove out from Louisiana where they both live to meet me at Mt. Laurel for their engagement session right before Thanksgiving.  Will had just finished coaching his team on to a championship and despite having almost completely lost his voice, he did an amazing job posing in front of the camera with Alayna wrapped in his arms.  When I asked what his favorite thing was about her, he said her compassion and she mentioned how much she loved how passionate he was about his career as a high school teacher and coach.  As a former teacher, I loved chatting with them both about their experience working with students.  I can’t wait for their summer wedding in downtown Birmingham.

When I met Alayna, one of the first things that stood out to me was her love or romance and legacy.  She told me how she had always wanted an heirloom estate engagement ring because she loved the idea of wearing a ring that had already been so cherished before her.  Will did a little research and happened to have found a beautifully unique estate ring that she had her eye on for awhile and secretly purchased it.  Make sure you scroll down to see her incredibly engagement ring, it truly is divine.

Last July Will made reservations at an Italian restuarant and Alayna became a bit suspicious when a “complimentary” dessert came to their table.  It turns out the dessert was simply conveniently timed and was truly complimentary.  After dinner the drove to Vulcan to look out over the city.  Will began discussing the first time they met and they laughed about some of the memorable experiences they had had.  Without missing a beat, Will dropped to one knee and asked Alayna to marry him.  After Alayna said yes, they were met by friends and family there to celebrate and capture the moment.  Afterwards they drove downtown to celebrate with them all.

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