February 3, 2016

Wedding Ring Wisdom from Liz

Wedding Ring Wisdom from Liz

This week the two lovely rings belonging to Liz are being featured on the blog.  I love when brides incorporate family heirlooms as part of their wedding ring set.  Aren’t these just lovely!  Read on to hear more about their “penguin” proposal.
Liz and her husband have known each other most of their lives as they attended the same church. She first got a crush on him when they were kids after spending time hanging out at a summertime church picnic. They lost touch but 6 years later they met up again at that same picnic and started dating a week later.
Jordan used to joke that she was his “penguin” since they stay together for life. They lived a few miles from the local zoo at that point and went all the time. So during one of their trips he stopped in the penguin room, opened the ring box and asked if she would really be his penguin and marry him.
3 tips for marriage from Liz:
1: You need to be able to grow and change together. If you stay who you are exactly when you met you’ll likely run into issues. Relationships are fluid and ever changing.
2: Compromise. It sounds like it should be simple and common sense but when you’re in the moment it isn’t always easy.
3: Keep making an effort. Even if it’s a once a month, in the house because you have young kids, date night it’s important to still make an effort to keep the same love and feelings you had from the beginning of the relationship.
For more beautiful rings and sage advice from brides, check back next week for more wisdom and wedding rings.  If you would love to share your beautiful ring on the blog, don’t be shy!  Reach out and email me at  For more from this series, check the links below.


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