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Wedding Album

We believe that every couple that walks through our studio deserves to have a wedding album. In an electronic age we have been trained to believe that most people want digitals. However, we believe you deserve more. We believe in first family heirlooms that last for generations to come.

Why Digitals Are Not Enough

Anytime we have ever had our family pictures taken, we have always made sure to get the digitals but can I be honest for a minute. The digitals were not enough! When family visit, we never sit down around a computer and say, “let’s look at our photos”. Instead, conversations revolve around our albums and printed images on the walls.

Family Stories and the Wedding Album

We believe that as families grow they will gather around albums and share stories of generations past. The amazing thing about this process is that it strengthens the memory receptors in the brain as well as raising the dopamine levels. After all, we take photos to preserve memories.

Why We Switched Albums

For the past few years we have offered albums to our couples, families, and now seniors as well. The problem was that the company we used took forever to get the work done which left our clients frustrated as they waited for their handcrafted albums to arrive. We loved that they were handmade in the USA but they were slow and never offered new cover options or sizes.

We knew that while the product was good, we could do better for our clients. So, we made a switch to an album company that aligned with our values of being made in America with innovative options that were of high quality.

Your Wedding Album

If you are as passionate as us about printed heirlooms and albums then schedule a zoom call with us here. We can’t wait to hear how you met and the vision you have for your wedding day.

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