January 11, 2018

A Visit to Shady Lane

Exterior of the Barn at Shady LaneVisiting the Barn at Shady Lane

I love visiting wedding venues like the Barn at Shady Lane.  So often, as a photographer we get to capture the space on a wedding day but don’t get to hear the heart poured into the venue itself.  I love the why and how of things.  So often that is one of the biggest questions we ask our brides because it gets to the heart of who someone is and their passion for life and people come through in those answers.  The love that went into the Barn at Shady Lane is no different.  Michael and Laura definitely have a passion for what they have created.  Originally built to help house marriage retreats as Michael is in ministry, it now also serves as a start to the so many new marriages.  What a great way to continue to serve new couples.

Unique Features

Beautiful architectural features abound at the Barn at Shady Lane and the are hand curated and crafted by Michael and his wife.  The main room of the venue features handmade tables with vintage floor planks as well as door molding from a local historic high school that closed.  On the patio and in the interior are beautiful vintage shutters from New Orleans that not only serve as texture but privacy for the bridal suite.  The exterior patio has beautiful French doors married with metal siding and has the ability to also be draped during the summer or closed in during the winter.

Family History

As Michael and Linda spoke about their venue, they shared stories of going down to a local lumber mill to pick out the boards for the walls in their venue with their children as well as choosing together the custom wood stain applied to its walls.  I particularly loved hearing that the furniture in the bridal suite were items that meant something and weren’t just randomly placed in the space.  The beautiful steamer trunk now serving as a coffee table once held their children legos and the table where each bride has her make up done is actually a anniversary gift once given to each other.Bridal getting ready space Barn at Shady Lane




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