October 10, 2017

A Visit to Belle Farm Events

Belle Farm Alabama Wedding Venue

Visiting Belle Farm

Earlier this month I took a drive out to Belle Farm Events in Sterrett Alabama to attend their open house.  While there I met Trina and her family who were incredibly hospitable and gave me a tour of their new wedding venue that opens in December.  I was impressed with the level of detail and craftsmanship that went into creating this beautiful space.

Situated with its doors overlooking a beautiful lake the 5000 square foot space is peaceful and instantly classic despite its new construction.  Sandy and her husband plan to finalize the space with a large stone patio that will be perfect for cocktails or rainy day portraits with the beautiful grey weathered backdrop of the barns walls.

What is particularly eye catching about this venue are the 5 foot tall chandeliers that hang down the middle of the barn.  As I admired them and discussed future lighting plans with Sandy, she mentioned that her husband happened to have created them as well as the beautiful heirloom quality kitchen cutting boards that are crafted from the remaining lumber from the barns construction.  These beautiful pieces are often gifted to brides as a way to remember their wedding day throughout their first few years of marriage and beyond as they cook meals together with their husbands.

Belle Farm Events is truly a labor of love and craftsmanship and I am incredibly excited to see its completion in December.  The Cobb family have truly crafted a gem for the Alabama wedding market to enjoy.

Photos taken with iPhone due yearly maintenance on gear.

5000 square foot wedding venue Alabama barn

Lake view from Barn venueBelle Farm Owner

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