Including Pets in Your Wedding

Including Your Pet on Your Wedding DayIncluding Your Pet on the Wedding Day

If you have a beloved pet, it may be unimaginable to celebrate your wedding day without including that special member of the family.  This isn’t just about honoring your companion; this is also about sharing milestones with the new family the two of you are forging.  By far, the cutest way to show your shared love for your pet is by including him/ her in the ceremony. If your furry friend is mannerly, consider making him a dapper ring-bearer, or bestowing the title of flower girl on her. A pup in a floral crown or bowtie is simply too charming to resist!  If you do so, insure that you designate a friend as the pet sitter to insure that throughout the ceremony they are looked after and that during the reception they have a comfortable quiet place to hang out.

If it’s not practical for your pet to be present, there are still sweet ways to keep them close. The bride can carry a paw print pendant with the bouquet, or wear a locket with a picture enclosed. The groom can feature a sidekick in his accessories such as tie clips, cuff links, or even embroidered socks.  We especially love the silver cufflinks below of one of our couples adorable fur baby.

We also encourage our couples to consider bringing their sweet furry companions on engagement sessions or if not for the wedding ceremony, then possibly the first look before the ceremony.  Your wedding is the ultimate celebration of family’s legacy, no matter how many legs they have.

Including your pet on your wedding dayIncluding your pet on your wedding day


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