January 1, 2016


Theme of 2016 | Service

Theme of 2016 | Service

Yesterday I talked about what I had learned in 2015 and as I reflected on the year, I realized that the theme had been growth and surrender.  I also realized that for as long as I have made resolutions, I have broken them.  Resolutions tend to be high expectations without a clear and paced plan to achieve them.  Because of that, I have always done epically well at not following through with them.  However, a theme or word for the year is more broad.  There is no high and unattainable goal but a focus for everything I do.  This years word is service.  Service to my family and community, fellow photographers, and my brides.  By doing this, service to God.


I spent the last day of 2015 as I mulled this word over.  Service is a choice to step out in a God given love for humanity without fear.  Service is the willingness to share in the same way that others have willing shared with me.  Service is showing up and providing the best you have, not the after thoughts.  Service is a mindset focused outwardly on others and the building of true relationships in a social media, selfie-ridden world that so often is inwardly focused.  Service is not easy but I think that we each are called to serve within our own talents and capabilities.  How will you serve where you are placed this year?  How will you seek to improve the lives of others that cross your path through out the coming months?

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  1. Chris Sosa

    January 1st, 2016 at 7:55 pm

    Love this! Serving is such a huge thing. Your life changes so much when you serve people. Your awesome!

  2. Misty

    January 5th, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    Service is a hard one, but it’s so worth it once we do it! 😀

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