February 1, 2018


Coffee and Cake | January 2018

What is Coffee and Cake

My favorite breakfast when I am in a hurry is coffee and a cake doughnut.  I know it isn’t healthy but there is something about the two that is just glorious on a Monday morning.  So you are probably asking what in the world this has to do with weddings or photography.  Truth is, this is a blog series I have been wanting to do for awhile but kept putting off.  Coffee and cake is a monthly series meant to catch you up on all that is going on both in our personal lives but business as well.  This January was full of a LOT of cake with tons of friends visiting and work on a personal project as well.

Cake and Visits

This month we had friends visit from as far as Kentucky and as close as down the street.  Our sweet Army buddies brought their kids down to explore Birmingham for the first time and there were lots of dance parties and the guys hanging out on the back porch chatting and drinking beer.  We also hosted our first mastermind in the house and it was such a blessing to sit down over coffee cake and talk really in depth about business and entrepreneurship.

Coffee and Harry Potter

We are unabashedly Harry Potter fans in my house.  To the point that my back ground noise is titled Gryffindor Common Room from Ambient Sound Mixer.  My sweet 8 year old is starting to read the series and has been begging for a room that is “grown up” so we surprised him after school one day.  It was neat to incorporate my grandfathers owl pencil holder along with newer items as well.

Coffee, Cakes, and Tulle

At the end of the month, I shot my second styled shoot here in Birmingham.  This one was held at Belle Farm and was styled and designed by Magnolia Vine Events and Cece Designs.  Check back on Monday for more images from the shoot.  Despite the rainy cold weather, it turned out to be a stunning shoot with hints of pink, grey, and blue.Visiting the Science Museum in BirminghamVisiting the Science Museum in BirminghamHogwarts room for kidHogwarts room for kidHarry Potter Room for my kidHarry Potter details of room

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