May 6, 2016


5 Friday Favorites

We are back

I took a little blog hiatus this past week.  After a busy month of April, we all needed to reset and recharge.  Now I am back with a brand new blog series for Fridays and this one is filled with a big announcement at the end so make sure you don’t miss it.  I can’t take credit for the idea, that all goes to my husband and his continued support for my business.  So we will start my Friday 5 Faves by talking about him.

My Husband

I have known J for almost half my lifetime.  It is hard to believe it has been that long since he walked into a computer class and sat down in his cleanly pressed ROTC uniform.  That smile of his still kills me every time and it is totally impossible to stay mad at him . . EVER!  He has supported and propelled my business forward from day one.  He is the chief operations officer behind my business.  He has a head for systems, numbers, and workflows like no one else I know.  Since 2009 we have worked together to make this business grow and it still amazes me that we are able to do this despite a move every 3-4 years.

Favorite things on Friday

An Opal Ring

I love jewelry and I love it even more when it has a story behind it.  I am always thrilled to have brides tell my that their ring is a third generation engagement ring or that it is handcrafted be a family friend.  There is love and a legacy in that which can’t be purchased or manufactured.  This particular ring was designed by my mom and the stone was picked up by my grandfather while he was living in Brazil.  It is one of the few opal birthstone pieces that I have and I treasure it.  I pulled it and several other pieces out this past Wednesday to practice styling wedding details with my dear friend and associate, more on that further down.Destination Wedding Photographer


With my husbands job, we have been blessed to meet so many people and live in so many exciting places.  That has also allowed me the great joy of traveling back to photograph past clients.  Nothing is more special to me than keeping in touch with clients who have become friends and getting to document their family from day one to day 2,051.  I am so excited to be planning multiple trips this year to photograph new clients and returning ones in multiple states around the U.S.  New places and experiences thrill me!  I dream of photographing in Europe again soon and am so excited to be heading out on several trips this year.

Tocca Stella Perfume

Wedding Details

I love wedding details and photographing them almost as much as the first look and bridal portraits.  The Stella scent from Tocca is one of my favorites of all time.  If my brand had a scent, this would probably be it.  The wedding details to me are the icing on the cake, the extras that add that little bit of je ne sais quoi to the day.  I spent this past Wednesday pulling together some of my favorite details to give Ola lots of vignettes to practice with.

Meet Ola

I have known Ola for over a year now.  I met her when I was teaching a photography class at a local community center.  I was impressed with her passion for the love of photography and her deep desire to learn her craft.  We have been spending more and more time together over the past few months as it turns out our oldest kids are fast friends.  They are totally two peas in a pod and can be found frequently pouring over a library book together.  She has become a good friend and when J suggested I invite her to assist me on some recent shoots, it was like a giant lightbulb went off.  While I have great second shooters located throughout the southeast for when I have destination weddings, I don’t have a dedicated associate photographer here locally.  Over the next few months, you will start to see her more and more at my engagement and family sessions as well as second shooting at weddings with me.  I can’t wait to formally introduce her later this month.  She has been a huge blessing as a friend and already is making my job as a photographer run so much more smoothly.

Friday 5 Faves Series

I look forward to sharing more Friday Favorites with you in the coming weeks.  This series will be filled with things and people that I love, random events, and a mashup of what goes on behind the scenes here at Meredith Ryncarz Photography.  There may or may not be a recipe thrown in here and there as part of my on going Bride in the Kitchen posts.

Have a favorite thing that you would love to share with us?  Comment below and tell us all about it.


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  1. Ola

    May 6th, 2016 at 11:20 pm

    Thank you for kind words, Meredith! I enjoy our frienship and work together! So happy I got to meet you and your family!

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