June 12, 2017


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An Easy Herb Garden

Now that you’re settling into your newlywed life, you get to start crafting a homelike atmosphere in your new space. One way to we do this each time we move, is by creating an herb garden. There’s something innately comforting about watching your seedlings grow and thrive. Herbs are easy, attractive, and versatile.  Thanks to their prolific growing habits and richness, you’ll certainly save money on the less flavorful, overpriced option at the store.

Herbs are very laid back, forgiving plants for even the most novice of gardeners. They only need well drained soil, sunlight, and occasional watering (insert your finger in the soil… your plant needs a drink when it’s dry up to your first knuckle).  They also can take up as little or as much space as you want.  From a window sill to a whole garden outside.

First, choose 3-4 seedlings of herbs you frequently use in recipes. Next, select a container… the sky is the limit! You can even drill holes in a vase, pitcher, tea tin, or mason jar. Then, fill your vessel with potting soil, and sow according to the directions that come with your plant. Finally, consider placing your container near the kitchen for easy access during meal prep (maybe a window box); or, put their aromatic properties to use by putting them in a high traffic area (such as your front porch) for an uplifting boost whenever you pass.

If you aren’t sure about the growing requirements of the herbs you have selected, head to a local garden store and ask.  Smaller garden stores are more likely to have staff on hand to answer these questions.  You can also look up your local agricultural extension or list of master gardeners in your area for help.  For some of our favorite gardening ideas, check here.  Happy Gardening.

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