January 27, 2016


Wedding Ring Wisdom from Katherine

Katherine cracks me up.  She always has something to say to make me laugh when I run into her.  Our kiddos play together frequently and over ladies fondue one night, I insisted on photographing her lovely wedding ring and had to hear the story of how she met her husband.

Katherine and her husband met on a blind date at Kramer’s bookstore cafe in Dupont Circle, DC. She was told to look for a guy 6 feet tall in a suit. That described every person there. She wandered around until a disheveled looking bum came up to me and hopefully asked, “You looking for me, sweetheart?” She told him, “I sincerely hope not” at which point her future spouse came over and said, “You must be Katherine.”

He proposed at Christmas, on one knee, by the Christmas tree.

Her advice for a happy marriage is:

  •  Don’t fool yourself. It won’t be the kind of love it was in the beginning when you got married. It’ll evolve into something less exciting, but far more meaningful. Don’t fight this change.
  •  Perspective! Don’t let minor problems bother you. Ask yourself if the wet towel your spouse left on the bed is really worth an argument, or if you should just put it away yourself. Chances are, it’s not worth an argument and in the grand scheme of things, it’s no big deal.
  • Worship together. It helps with those first two things!

Check back next Wednesday for more Wedding Ring Wisdom.

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