Historic Prattville Engagement Session

Prattville Engagement Session with PopsiclesHistoric Prattville

When Kaitlyn suggested having her engagement session in downtown historic Prattville, I was thrilled.  This charming little town just outside of Montgomery has a bit of a New England feel in the south with cute shops, pretty architecture, and a romantic view with a waterfall.

Lots of Laughs

Kaitlyn and Danny were a joy to photograph.  Not only were they just adorably together but they kept each other laughing the entire time as well as me.  We spent the afternoon walking around downtown and towards the end of the engagement session, decided to get popsicles at Frios.  Ya’ll those popsicles are divine!  So glad we stopped in and how cute are those photos of Danny and Kaitlyn with them?!

He Said, She Said

One of my favorite things to ask my couples is they love about each other.  Danny said, “My favorite thing about my beautiful bride is her heart. Kaitlyn’s passion for life, love, spirituality, family, friends, animals, music and theatre is the most admirable thing about her. She has a look that can pierce your soul. Nobody’s ever admired me, looked at me or loved me like she does. The concern she has for everyone’s physical and spiritual well-being transcends others. Kait makes me better every day. She may not realize it, but I think she will make the best Mom one day, and I’m so lucky that I get to share this life with her.”

When I asked Kaitlyn, her response was, “My favorite thing about Danny is his heart. He is an extremely loving and loyal man. His heart comes great love and great humility. I’ve had the privilege to watch it in all sorts of ways over the past three years and it continues to amaze me. He is so incredibly personable and loving to everyone, especially his family and friends. His family and his friendships mean so much to him. I’ve had his friends even come talk to me about how they wish they were more like him, and that all of them strive to be like him. He is the type of person who would come get you on the side of the road at 2am if you called. He is loyal with his work no matter how unfair and unjust it can be at times. This has been any job he has had really. I’ve watched him through his dream job and the job he loves now. He commits to the work he has in front of him through thick and thin. Danny has a servant heart and shows me that any chance he can. My dad even commented one time after having dinner together how effortlessly he just started to help clean up and start dishes. I could go on and on about the many many ways he serves, but one thing I can absolutely note is the way that his love shows me the infinite love of Christ. I’m incredibly honored and lucky to have him as my husband. ”  I look forward to capturing their wedding next year in Montgomery.



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