June 7, 2016

Wedding Week for Laura and Jonathan

Mint and Navy Engagement Historic Yorktown

It’s Finally Here

It is wedding week for Laura and Jonathan and I have been watching her excitedly count down the days until this Saturday.  To aid in her countdown, you can see more of her engagement session over on Let’s Wed Hampton Roads.  I just adore their love story and when Laura tells it, her eyes light up with joy.  I love hearing how she gave up Italy for him after he drove across state lines to say goodbye and tell her she was the one that got away.  I have a feeling that many years from now this will be part of the legacy they pass down to their children and grandchildren of how they met and built a beautiful life together.

Laura’s Wedding Countdown

I have truly enjoyed reading Laura’s wedding day countdown for the past few weeks on social media.  She has shared some sweet stories but none were more sweet than they day he proposed.  Laura writes that the morning she woke up on their third anniversary, she just knew that he was going to propose and that that was the best feeling, knowing he was going to ask her to spend the rest of their lives together… That she would then be a “bride to be.” 

She remembered a pastor talking about doing marriage counseling and that he always asked the same question: “WHY do you want to get married?” Laura thought about it all day. Yes, getting married would be practical, but that wasn’t her why. Getting married made financial sense, but that wasn’t her why either. Getting married meant having a buddy for life, no lonely dinners or holidays… Getting closer, but that wasn’t it either.

I loved Laura’s own words as she described her why, “I came to the conclusion that I just WANTED to marry this man. With all my heart, I wanted to be his wife, his partner, his best friend, his confidant, his teammate… I wanted to share every part of my life with him and I couldn’t imagine any part of my life NOT being better with him. So when he finally got down on one knee on that beach at sunset… When I said yes… I said it knowing exactly what that meant for us.”

Laura, I can’t promise I won’t be crying a little behind my camera on Saturday!  Just saying.

Mint and Navy Engagement Historic YorktownMint and Navy Engagement Historic Yorktown

Engagement Session | Yorktown Wedding Photographer

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