November 18, 2015


Top 3 Tips for Marriage | A West Point Alum and His Bride

Top 3 Tips for Marriage | A West Point Alum and His Bride

This weeks 3 tips for marriage come from a West Point Alum and his lovely bride Amber.  They had an anniversary session with me that was both very emotional as well as full of laughter and love that defines a long standing friendship.

Tony and Amber met in 2006 in high school when she was introduced to him by Tony’s then girlfriend.  While it wasn’t love at first sight, Amber definitely thought he was cute and remembers making some sort of ditzy joke.

Tony proposed while they were both back home from college visiting friends and family.  He took Amber on a trip down memory lane while stopping by to see old high school teachers and visiting a park they had spent time at.  With both sets of parents with them, they walked toward a cabin to take some pictures for the holidays.  When it was Amber and Tony’s turn he gave her a kiss and said “I love you.”  Amber responded with “I love you too.” and Tony asked, “enough to be with me for the rest of your life?” as he got to one knee.

Tony and Amber were married in the chapel at West Point in New York.  I love that Tony describes his wedding day as being “pure bliss” and “low key”.  His best memory of the day was seeing how happy she was when she walked down the aisle.

They describe their first year of marriage as still in the honeymoon phase with lots of growth and change in their relationship.  For these newlyweds, their three tips on marriage are:

  1. Be best friends.  Not just the cliche version of saying you are best friends but instead with intentionality, set out to make your spouse your number one person.
  2. Ignore what society says about newlyweds and what young people should be doing.  Instead, do what is right for the two of you in your marriage and what makes you both happy.  Be confident in those choices.
  3. Don’t hold grudges.  Be honest. Laugh daily.

Check back next Tuesday to see sneak peaks from this sweet couples anniversary session and the surprise announcement they have for their family.


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