April 13, 2017


Interview with Magnolia Vine Events

Birmingham wedding vendor interviewAshley Stork of Magnolia Vine Events

I originally bumped into Ashley from Magnolia Vine Events on the internet when I posted a question in the local Birmingham Tuesdays Together group and she so graciously offered to help.  As I transition to the Birmingham wedding market, one of the key things to help make that relocation go smoothly is vendor interviews.  Not only did she fill me in on some of the best wedding venues in the area but she also shared some of her favorite places to eat, being a fellow foodie, that list was greatly appreciated!

A Transplant

I asked Ashley to fill me in a little bit on who she is and how she came to be in the wedding industry.  A transplant from Baltimore, she came to Alabama to attend school where she met her future husband over ten years ago.  While she and her mom are expert planners, she recognized the need for help in planning a wedding 13 hours from home.  Through hiring a wedding planner, she met the former owner of Magnolia Vine Events and later began to assist her in planning and the coordination of weddings.  Three years ago the owner sold the company to Ashley and she has been running this thriving business ever sense.

Love for Birmingham

I invited Ashley to share with me some of the things that made Birmingham so special and she not only highlighted the amazing places to eat and things to do but also the community oriented atmosphere that thrives in the wedding industry there as well as in the small towns of Helena and Edgewood.  I can’t wait to visit Red Mountain Park or go shopping in Homewood after hearing how charming they are.  Make sure you download her list of some of her favorite venues below.

Plans for 2017

For 2017 and 2018, Ashley shared some of the exciting projects she is working on.  The first is Wed Plan Love that will launch this month and will act as a resource for brides looking for valuable information in planning their weddings.  The second one has me even more excited as a business owner and it is the Retreat Concierge.  This amazing service will not only help guide creatives as the host workshops and conferences but also have the option to help them plan and implement the details of the events.  We can’t wait to share more about both of these projects as they launch.

Interview with Ashley Stork

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