Coffee and Cake | February 2018


Vendor Headshots

For the month of February we wanted to do something that gave back to the wedding community that we are a part of.  Just as the cobbler’s children have no shoes, we often find that creatives are the last to get images for themselves.  For Valentine’s Day we set up a mini sessions for fellow creatives in the community.  It was fun to be able to serve not only old friends but make some new ones as well.  A huge thanks to the Hoover Randle for hosting us.

Confetti Canons

February was a first for many things, one of which was setting up a booth at our first ever bridal show in 10 years.  We met with some of the most darling brides and wrapped up the day photographing the Heidi Elnora Fashion show, complete with confetti canons.  What better way to end the day than pretty dresses and confetti?!

Alabama Wedding Pros

Back at the end of January, we were accepted into an amazing group of local vendors called Alabama Wedding and Event Professionals.  It is such an honor to be among like minded professionals who believe in growing and serving in the community that we as professionals are placed in.

Destination Engagements

We wrapped up the last weekend in February with an engagement session for the cutest couple up in Chattanooga, Tennessee at Renaissance Park.  We were so excited when Kelly reached out to us about photographing her wedding in September.  As a sister of a past groom, we couldn’t be more thrilled to serve her and Ben on their wedding day.  To see images from her session, head here.

Rolled Ice Cream

If you have followed me for any amount of time . . you know I have a horrible sweet tooth.  I have been dying to try rolled ice cream since the trend hit the states.  Recently Birmingham got it’s first rolled ice cream shop, Lucky Cat and it is amazing!  If you are a foodie like me, try the Strawberry Basil . . it’s amazing.  So what can you look for in March?  I am excited to share a blog series dedicated to mindset and the wedding day as well as more travel and our first ever course that launches in April!  I think I may need more ice cream just thinking about it!

Vendor Headshots Meredith Ryncarz PhotographyVendor Headshots Meredith Ryncarz PhotographyVendor Headshots Meredith Ryncarz PhotographyVendor Headshots Meredith Ryncarz PhotographyVendor Headshots Meredith Ryncarz Photography


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Wedding Mindset

Wedding Day Mindset

For the month of March we are doing a new series completely dedicated to something you probably don’t consider at all on your wedding day, but it can have the most substantial impact on you and your wedding party as a whole. This illusive creature I am referring to is Mindset. Now, this concept is nothing new. In fact the Arbinger Institute (the company Jason and I received all of our training through involving mindset) has been around since the 1970’s.  In this series we are looking at how our understanding of mindset can make your day go as seamlessly and calmly as possible.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say the word mindset? Some people say it is how people interact with one another, feel, or how they act in response towards a situation. All of these responses are not exactly wrong but they don’t take into account the entire picture. Mindset, in its most simplest terms, is our perception or how we see other other people. Think of it as a lens of how we see our work colleagues, family, relationships, bosses, and any other person you basically come into contact or become involved with. Mindset is the foundation of how we perceive others and shapes how we interact with them.

The “illusive” part of mindset is its ability to change in an instant. According to Arbinger, mindset can shift between two paradigms: inward and outward mindset. Inward mindset is where only your own personal goals and objectives matter, without consideration for the impact or the results of their behavior on others. Have you seen this mindset at weddings? Maybe some people throw tantrums, or maybe have unreasonable expectations and like to complain ALOT, or people say they want to help and then disappear when you need them. In an Outward Mindset, you are focused on the objectives and results of your wedding as a whole. You actively seek to be helpful, responsible, and make a real impact. Think of that person that really helped a wedding day or was just there to listen? What impact did they have on the wedding?

So this is our start on our mindset journey. Over the next few weeks we will look at how these mindsets will impact your behavior and, ultimately, your wedding day. So to kick us off I recommend you do two things:

  1. Take the Arbinger Individual Assessment to see where your mindset is right now
  2. Start reading Leadership and Self Deception to grasp a foundation for mindset

Very important note, mindset is a journey and not a destination. Achieving an outward mindset is not something you will ever reach permanently. The goal is to become self aware so that you recognize when your mindset goes inward, and then know how to shift it back to outward.




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5 Tips for Brides at a Bridal Show

5 Tips for a Bridal Show

Hey sweet bride, yes you . . the one with that amazingly sparkly ring on your finger.  I know you are in the full throws of wedding planning and probably have a bridal show or two on your list to attend.  Here’s the thing though, if you have never attended a bridal show . . they can be a little . . chaotic.  So today we are sharing five of our best kept secrets for getting the most out of your time there.

Take a Wingman

Having a best friend, mom, or fiancé with you will make the experience not only that much more fun but it means having support there with you.  There will be a ton of vendors there and at some of the larger shows, they kind of all tend to get blended together.  Having a wingman there will help you remember key points that are important.

Make Notes

This sounds rather silly but relates back to the previous point.  After meeting with a vendor you feel really strongly about, take a few notes to help you remember the next day when you go to start making decisions.  Write down the companies name and any key points that you gathered.

Freebie Friday

Wedding shows are known for having freebies.  However, don’t expect that every vendor will have one.  If they do offer a giveaway or freebie don’t forget to sign up for it.  However, do take the time to get to know the vendor and what they stand for.  Often times a stellar vendor gets looked over when you rush through the show itself.

Be Prepared to Book

You may find that one vendor that you absolutely love.  They are a perfect fit, perfect price, and are available for your date.  Other brides may feel the same way and book that vendor outright at the show.  This leaves you stuck looking for a replacement to your ideal vendor team.  Be prepared to book at the show if it is someone that you absolutely love.  They may even have a show special just for doing that exact thing.

Ultimately, have fun and enjoy the process.  Take time to enjoy the sample cake . . I mean who doesn’t love CAKE and get to know the personalities of the wedding vendors in your area.  Chances are if you are able to connect with them on a personal level at the show . . you are going to LOVE them on your wedding day.  If you are currently engaged we hope to see you this Sunday at the Engaged Bridal Collective at the Haven at 1-4pm.  Make sure you RSVP here.


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Winter Styled Shoot at Belle Farm

Belle Farm Events Winter Shoot Meredith Ryncarz PhotographyWinter Styled Shoot

Back in January, we had a styled shoot for the new and very lovely Belle Farm Event Venue.  If you are a huge Chip and Jojo fan then you are going to love this venue.  Ashley of Magnolia Vine Events brought together a stellar team of vendors and created the perfect winter grey and blush styled wedding reception look.  Cece Designs made a show stopping bridal bouquet but doesn’t she always!  If you haven’t been out to Belle Farm then you should.  From a beautiful lake view to multiple ceremony locations . . it is a beautiful site to see.


Venue: Belle Farm Events

Floral Design: Cece Designs

Planner: Magnolia Vine Events

Wedding Dress: Bella Couture

Groom’s Attire: Mr. Burch

Invitations: Gracefully Made Art

Makeup: The Hair and Makeup Collective

Linens: Decor 2 Adore



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Coffee and Cake | January 2018

What is Coffee and Cake

My favorite breakfast when I am in a hurry is coffee and a cake doughnut.  I know it isn’t healthy but there is something about the two that is just glorious on a Monday morning.  So you are probably asking what in the world this has to do with weddings or photography.  Truth is, this is a blog series I have been wanting to do for awhile but kept putting off.  Coffee and cake is a monthly series meant to catch you up on all that is going on both in our personal lives but business as well.  This January was full of a LOT of cake with tons of friends visiting and work on a personal project as well.

Cake and Visits

This month we had friends visit from as far as Kentucky and as close as down the street.  Our sweet Army buddies brought their kids down to explore Birmingham for the first time and there were lots of dance parties and the guys hanging out on the back porch chatting and drinking beer.  We also hosted our first mastermind in the house and it was such a blessing to sit down over coffee cake and talk really in depth about business and entrepreneurship.

Coffee and Harry Potter

We are unabashedly Harry Potter fans in my house.  To the point that my back ground noise is titled Gryffindor Common Room from Ambient Sound Mixer.  My sweet 8 year old is starting to read the series and has been begging for a room that is “grown up” so we surprised him after school one day.  It was neat to incorporate my grandfathers owl pencil holder along with newer items as well.

Coffee, Cakes, and Tulle

At the end of the month, I shot my second styled shoot here in Birmingham.  This one was held at Belle Farm and was styled and designed by Magnolia Vine Events and Cece Designs.  Check back on Monday for more images from the shoot.  Despite the rainy cold weather, it turned out to be a stunning shoot with hints of pink, grey, and blue.Visiting the Science Museum in BirminghamVisiting the Science Museum in BirminghamHogwarts room for kidHogwarts room for kidHarry Potter Room for my kidHarry Potter details of room

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